Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm going to Africa!

I have wanted to go to Africa, Kenya specifically, for about 10 years. It's the sort of thing that starts out as a small nudge in your heart...and it keeps getting louder and louder...until you can't ignore it anymore.

Why Kenya? I have no idea - other than the call has been placed in my heart and I'm answering it. I began checking into organizations with which I could serve and I was very drawn to the work of American Friends of Kenya (

Their 2008 trip was full, so I waited on standby for the possibility of being selected for their 2009 team. They only choose 20 people each year.
Two Sundays ago, I received the call from their Executive Director. I had been selected to join their Medical team for their '09 trip, which is from August 10-24, 2009. I graciously accepted the offer. I will be accompanying doctors and nurses as we head into Kibera to provide community members with much needed medical support.

Kibera is the world's second largest slum. There are 1.7 million people living in an area the size of Central Park. Check out this video from You Tube of a small documentary about Kibera:

I know that I will see things none of us can never imagine, but I have to go. Over the next few months, I will asking for financial support. For those of you who feel called to give, thank you. I have gratitude for whatever you can give. For those of you who can't give financially, please begin praying and sending good thoughts my way - for a safe trip. More later....


  1. Heather, that is SO awesome. How exciting!!!

  2. This is great news! I can't wait to read updates on your blog =)

  3. Heathe,
    I am so proud of you for listening to the still small whisper in your heart and for having the courage to boldly move forward in faith and trust. I know the people of Kibera will be blessed by your huge heart, compassion and your commitment to serve and make a difference. And I know that you will be transformed in ways that only God can orchestrate. I'm honored to be a part of your prayer and financial support team.

    I love you sis...Shannon

  4. Fantastic! Literally.

    How appropriate that you, Heather (the consummate humanist) are traveling to the birthplace of human history: Kenya.

    With your presence, the darker challenges faced by your colleagues will be brightened.

    That's a certainty.

    - Tim -

  5. Congrats.

    Hey while you're there if you see any cute Masai give them my number. I've exhausted all options on this continent.

  6. Way to go Heather - I guess I won't be bumping into you at Starbucks then. :) Keep me informed, can't wait to follow your dream. Jenn Ward

  7. Heather, We are so proud of you that you have the love in your heart to help people so much. We know that it is one of your biggest desires in life is to help. We are certain that you will get the financial support for you to go to Kenya. You are God's part to provide help and support the children and families of Kenya.
    All our love and prayers,
    Mom and Dad